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To identify the unidentified

For MichaelRyerson - here's a photo from your Flickr account, described as unidentified:

another unidentified, undated picture from the california historical society by MichaelRyerson, on Flickr

Full description:
titled: Empty street in El Paseo de Los Angeles, [s.d.]

Photograph of an empty street in El Paseo de Los Angeles, [s.d.]. A narrow road paved with paving stones runs from the foreground to the background at center. Multi-story brick buildings can be seen along the road at right, while lower structures can be seen on the left side of the road. A three-tiered fountain can be seen at left. Several trees are visible as well.

Not sure if this picture has remained unidentified - I searched for it in the thread but didn't find it posted at all. This is Olvera Street, looking south. I assume it's about 1929 as it's been cleaned up nicely but doesn't yet appear to have any vendors or visitors.

At immediate right is the Italian Hall. In the distance at left just beyond the US flag is the Avila adobe (behind the flagpole), then the LA Railway substation (behind the flag itself) and finally the tower of the plaza Methodist church. The fountain on the left side of the street is still around as well. A Google image search for 'olvera street fountain' generates several pictures - it's painted light blue.
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