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Broadway tunnel got lowered?!

So while looking at other stuff, I came across something that surprised me. My apologies if it has been mentioned here before, but if it was I either forgot or didn't understand what was being said at the time. Photos of the Broadway tunnel show that at some point the south portal was actually lowered. Weird.

Here are a series of pics to demonstrate.

First, an early pic - 1902:


Note how the tunnel opening is pretty similar in height to the concrete area above the tunnel opening, so the total structure height is about 50% hole, 50% concrete. Two sets of stairs come down from Fort Moore Hill, meet in the center immediately above the tunnel opening, and then continue down one side, with one more L-turn near the bottom.

Here's a later picture, cars in evidence:

Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd film locations

Now compare the height of the tunnel opening to the height of the concrete face above the opening. The concrete above the hole is now much taller, near double the size of the opening! And the stairs - they come down from both sides as before, but they meet way above the tunnel opening. They go down one side of the tunnel as before, but after the one L-turn, they make a U-turn back towards the wall, then another U-turn away from it, and then yet a third U-turn back towards the wall again.

Here's an additional view, about 1925:


Clearly the stairs have a lot further to go than they did in the first picture.

Just today I noticed the following picture:

LA times/Daily Mirror

This photo shows the south end of the Broadway Tunnel during demolition, from the inside. In this photo you can actually see how far the tunnel was lowered, with an interior upper arch - the original hole - surrounded by brick, and then the opening under the bottom arch that was the lowered entrance.

I just thought this was interesting.
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