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Egyptian Revival

Thanks for all the welcomes to the forum by the way. The pyramid planetarium in a recent post made me think of a couple of Egyptian Revival apartment buildings I came across in Hollywood one day on a side street.

When I first stumbled across this building at 5616 Lexington Ave. several years ago it had not been painted and it was so dirty it looked like it was an eroded temple in Karnak Egypt.

from: Google Street View

There is a very similar building just one block to the north on La Mirada Ave. as well. I assume they were built around the same time by the same contractor. I know after the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 Egyptian Revival made another comeback in architecture. This building looks to be early 1920’s and I like to assume the discovery of Tut’s tomb influenced it’s design.

There is another building that has been talked about a lot on this forum that has Gothic Revival elements but also has a very Egyptian Revival feel to it...


from: Google Street View

Confession... Park Plaza Hotel/Elks Lodge #99 (opened in 1925) has always been my favorite building in Los Angeles ever since my family stayed there in 1986 when my parents enrolled my sister in Otis/Parsons art school, which happened to be right next door. I can remember thinking back then that I thought there was something Egyptian about the building.

First was the color. Even back in 1986 I remember it having a light sandy yellowish color which made me think of pyramids. Not to mention the large blocks of stone or concrete that make up the structure seemed pyramid size. And the guardian angel figures on the facade are surely like a gothic church but they remind me of these guardian figures of Egyptian temples.


Of course hieroglyphicesque details like these help with the Egyptian Revival vibe.

from: Google Street View

I really am in awe of Park Plaza. Every time I work on a film or tv production that uses it as a location I feel like I am king of the world or at least Pharaoh of the Valley of the Kings for that day.
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