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Originally Posted by BifRayRock

Great shots of commercializing Wilshire Boulevard. The house at top is the famous Hancock house at 3189, also seen here: http://wilshireboulevardhouses.blogs...boulevard.html
Second (and just east of the Hancock house) is 3173 Wilshire, lived in in later years by goat-gland doctor Clayton E. Wheeler: http://wilshireboulevardhouses.blogs...e-see-our.html

Third is 3143, built by Berlin (later American) Dye Works exec Morris Kornblum and then lived in from March 1911 to about 1931 by the Charles H Sharps and their daughter and son-in-law, the Everett Seavers. By 1932 it was replaced by a commercial structure including a branch of Seaboard National Bank: http://wilshireboulevardhouses.blogs...e-see-our.html

Fourth is 601 Shatto Place, lived in for many years by Superior Court Judge William Rhodes Hervey and his family. I haven't looked into who might have designed it, but it is similar in design to, among others, the Otis house farther east on Wilshire (one of several posts on it is here). The Herveys left 601 in the late '20s for Los Feliz. Viola Elizabeth Tantum was in residence by 1932, later selling her figs. In the '40s 601 Shatto had become the Glen Brae Sanitarium... not sure what kind of sanitarium it was, but it advertised "Exlnt food."

Interestingly, the famed director Dorothy Arzner spent some of her teenage and early adult years just up the street at 617 Shatto Place.

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