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Paulina Stop Property

Its seems as though the WLVN was misquoted in the Patch completely. I emailed the alderman with my opposition as it related to the article and they responded that both the alderman and the WLVN are pro-TOD for this plot. They sent me a letter that WLVN sent to the developers in August as a response to their first request.

August 27, 2012
Paul Bryant
Mid-America Real Estate Corp
One Parkview Plaza – 9th Floor
Oak Brook Terrace, IL 60181
Edwin Vdovets
Keeler Real Estate LLC
122 S Michigan Ave., Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60603
Re: 3400 N Lincoln Ave.
Dear Messrs. Bryant and Vdovets,

Thank you for taking the time to come to the West Lakeview Neighbors Board Meeting on Tuesday evening, August 15, 2012, to discuss your plans and answer questions on your proposed development of the parcel at 3400 N. Lincoln Ave. We greatly appreciate your candor about the project and we look forward to continue this open relationship during the balance of your project.
We offer this letter so that you are clear on our position with respect to your plans. Our hope is that the parcel is developed as a “Transit Friendly Development “in accordance with the City of Chicago’s Transit Friendly Development Guide. This would tend to call for a multi-story development with a residential component above a commercial space at ground level. With this parcel being located adjacent to the Paulina El stop, we view this location as ideal to support a higher residential density.

We also wanted to offer some feedback on parts of your presentation. You had indicated that you were looking to maximize parking for your commercial tenant and were looking to have on the order of 17 parking spaces. You expressed concern over the City’s parking requirement for residential units. There is precedence for having reduced residential parking requirements in certain areas and we would be in favor of recommending support for this. We would also prefer to see garage space versus open parking to further increase the residential component of the development. As discussed in our meeting, we will not support opening Roscoe to two-way traffic.

We encourage you to come back and present your plans as they further progress. Again, we hope to work in concert with you so that your project is both a success for you and the neighborhood.

William DeMille
West Lakeview Neighbors
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