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Wilshire and Cloverdale. 5401 Wilshire. Building contours retained over the years. Previously featured here and other places:


1978 seems like yesterday.


Is that a clip-on?

It is somewhat unfortunate that the building's contours are dwarfed by the busyness of the neighborhood. The neighboring buildings (Lee Tower) win the competition for space by a mile. Even clouds can have a dramatic impact. The Black/Gold Security Pacific Bldg suffers the same fate.

As noted elsewhere, if I squint long enough I can imagine seeing a wingtip of Bob's.

Interesting framework covering the exterior of the building across the street - on the NE corner of the intersection. That's a lot of glass brick in jeopardy of light-loss. But I suppose you can't always have your cake and be able to eat it too.

Spills will happen at Simon's. I keep a spare "End-Lock tie" under the rumble seat for special occasions, like running into Mayor Shaw.
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