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Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post
Its interesting, and sometimes instructive, to see where architects choose to live

[Re Irving Gill] 1507 S Hoover:


In 1928 Jack married Mrs.Marion Waugh Brashears, a beautiful, though domineering, widow and heiress, who he had known for 10 years. They lived in the Palos Verdes Estates (PV had been designed by Gill's friend, Frederick Law Olmstead)

Interesting post, tovangar, just two tiny things. That's not 1507 S Hoover, but rather 1513/1515. The apartment building numbered 1501/3/5 now sits on the site of 1507, which is pictured, in part, here:

Also... it's Olmsted, not Olmstead. I know that may seem picayune, but followers of his work go ballistic with the all-too-common misspelling. (Something learned the hard way working for a shelter magazine in my youth.)
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