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Random notes on 318 & 324 South Kingsley.... There seems to be little readily available info on these interesting buildings; this surprised me especially in the case of 324, given its obvious connection to The Towers at St Andrews and 6th. Not that there is much on that building either, but you'd think there must be something somewhere on the two distinctive buildings. Anyway, the stretch of Kingsley between 3rd and 4th streets was part of the Norwood Terrace Tract, first developed in 1906. The apartment buildings in the area, including 318 & 324, most likely replaced single-family houses during the housing crunch brought on by the L.A. population explosion of the '20s--there were big profits to be made by maximizing units per lot. The info on the rounded corners and "one piece" curbs is interesting. The original curbs actually seem to still be in place--note the small round drain holes common in early L.A. subdivisions.


Also interesting is the alterations in street names that came between 1910 and 1914. (L.A. did some major realignments and address renumbering between these years with the annexation of Hollywood, for one thing.)

Historic Map Works

Finally, an ad for 318 from the year it was built--apparently it was originally called the Lynwood--and a couple of notes on The Towers, built in 1934. Perhaps its companion 324 S Kingsley was built that year too.

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