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Time to gas up?

West Coast Service Station. Unknown date and location

Undated. Gilmore at Wilshire and Fairfax Ave. Similar to now Texaco station at 849 N. Highland (Willoughby) - pictured below.
http://yougottobekidding.files.wordp.../image0021.jpg 849 N. Highland

Hotel Paramount 5311 Melrose Ave. (Probably NW corner of Van Ness and Melrose)

Roar with Gilmore

Undated ('20s?) and unknown location Pea Gravel Galore. Crunch Crunch.
USC Digital

More gravel ground cover to grind?
USC Digital

1920 Wilshire and La Brea

1928 Wilshire and La Brea
USC Digital

Circle Theatre? (Which way to Carthay?

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