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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Since I already had my map out, I thought flyingwedge might like to see the Surfridge area in 1947.

This is great, ER, thanks!

The 1947 map shows Century Blvd. South -- unnamed on the Renie Atlas -- as the north-south street ending at Avalonia, so I corrected my original
post to reflect that. But the map also shows two Century Blvds (one green, one blue). I think Century and Ocean Vista forked at Trask at the traffic
circle (or is it a triangle?) at the bottom of the pic below.

Comparing the 1947 map to GoogleEarth, it looks like LAX has not just closed but physically removed streets in the area bounded by Moscow
(Sandpiper), Ocean Vista/Century, Rindge and Pershing. For example, you can see little stubs of the streets (especially Ivalee and Ney, and Trask
by the traffic triangle) where they were apparently removed.

BTW, interesting Rindge-related info, tovangar2!

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