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Central Manufacturing District Terminal, Vernon

Designed by Chicago architect Frank Chase and built in 1924, the Central Manufacturing District Terminal (CMDT) was located at 4814 Loma Vista in Vernon. You can read about the creation of the Central Manufacturing District in Metropolis in the Making: Los Angeles in the 1920s, edited by Tom Sitton and William Deverell (University of California Press, 2001).

Here's an early view, when it housed the Westland Warehouses:

The CMDT, before its two wings were extended, is at the extreme left of this 1926 view. The LA Union Stock Yards (thanks to tovangar2 and alanlutz for your kind words about my stock yards post ) are just left of the LA River, above and to the right of the CMDT:

The tower held a water tank. I wish this picture was in color to better see the tile:

There was a rooftop restaurant, the Executive Club, along with a patio garden:

This tile-covered planter looks a little weedy. Or is it an overgrown fountain?

1956 rear view:

Near the end, mid-1980s:

According to an October 1986 LA Times article, and the Pacific Coast Warehouse Company website, the PCWC moved to Chino in May 1987, just before the CMDT was fatally damaged by the October 1987 Whittier Narrows Earthquake and subsequently torn down. Good timing, PCWC!

[First six pics from LAPL; last pic from emd111 on flickr]
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