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human-scale streetlamps

Speaking of out-of-scale streetlamps and etc.. I often notice when streetlamps are "replaced" for filming to add charm and scale to locations.
Here's a grab from a TV show shot on the 1300 block of Cota in Torrance.
I guess one's supposed to not notice the big, out-of-scale, arched lamp in the background:


In the 70's (before my time here) city crews showed up here on the old Janss tract in West LA to junk our original streetlamps and replace them with a couple of big, new arched ones per block.
Apparently, the residents chased them off with torches and pitchforks. The city hasn't bothered with us since.


I'm sure our lamps are horribly inefficient and they're the worst when it comes to light pollution but they're human scale and friendly.
Plus I'm sure taking them out would have a negative effect on RE prices.

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