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Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post
For old Hollywood-area houses, I always liked this one, on Harvard at Loma Linda (one block north of Hollywood Blvd). It looks so grand sitting on its plinth. It got rather uncared-for and spooky looking at one point, but has been bought back. It's just down from one of the Zwebell complexes, Casa Laguna, on Franklin, where a friend lived for 20 years and down and across from private Laughlin Park, where another friend lives now in Jack Dempsey's old house. (Driving around Laughlin Park makes the decades melt away for sure.)


When AlbanyNY noticed a few posts back that one of the Angelenos killed by a car lived in the famous Moores house mentioned just before that, he called it a case of "huge city, small world".... In that vein there is 1749 N Harvard, which was from about 1907--according to some sources when the house was built, and when Harvard in these precincts was Crown Avenue--to his death in 1924 the home of Ralph S. Toberman, son of Mayor James R. Toberman and cousin of Hollywood developer Charles E. Toberman who lived next door at 1761 and who was the man who put up the commercial strip on the lawn of 1717 N Bronson recently discussed.

Historic Map Works
1907; before annexation, the address was 149 Crown Avenue, which became 1749 N Crown, and then 1749 N Harvard by about 1914.

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