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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
^^^ I was looking over the list provided by Scott and noticed "1922 Union Stock Yards established".

Because of my Illinois roots, I have always been interested in various city's stock yards
Chicago was home to the largest stock yards in the world!!

It's very rare to come across a photograph of the Los Angeles Union Stock Yards.
I have a total of two photographs (and one I can not find in my files).

Below: This is my best photo of the Los Angeles Union Stock Yards. The photo is quite impressive as far as stock yards go.
I was certainly surprised to see such a magnificent dome-like structure.


Does anyone else have photos or information concerning the Los Angeles Union Stock Yards?
Hey ER, I know your stock yards post was a long time ago (page 125), but I couldn't see that you ever got a response, so here goes . . . .

Los Angeles Union Stock Yards: Opened November 1, 1922, closed January 31, 1960 (per LA Times articles). Address was 4500 Downey Rd., Los Angeles.
Here's an undated photo with the now-completed domed building from your picture:

1923 view of the brand-new Administration Building:

An undated but I'm guessing also 1923 photo of the courtyard of the Administration Building. It almost looks like the inside of a 19-century fort!

1925 aerial view with LA River at top:

1937: Cattle in the "weighing alley" on the way to the scales:

And it wasn't just cattle: Here are ex-army cavalry horses being auctioned off in 1944. I hope they went to good homes:

In 1953, 1,500 sheep passed thru here weekly, and 2,500 hogs. I guess the guy on the left forgot his gloves:

1955 (at upper right of photo, south of river):

The u-shaped, domed building in the foreground of the photo above is the Central Manufacturing District Terminal Building (I hope to post about it and other interesting industrial buildings in that area soon), which, along with the stock yards, was part of a large industrial development:

(Admin Bldg shots from USC Digital Archives; all others LA Public Library)

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