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One to be grateful for...

The P.E. Ivy Substation - 9070 Venice Blvd, Culver City (1907)
stucco over brick
(Actually in LA, leased by Culver City)

In the eighties I thought it was only a matter of time....

1982 - terry guy/flickr

Formerly the home of 300 homeless people, now a live performance theater (gentrification is always a trade-off).

(I wish they'd change out those streetlamps):


floyd b bariscale/flickr

Recreation of the fountain used to recirculate water to cool the machinery that converted AC to DC. It has a great utilitarian look.

floyd b bariscale/flickr

And yes, it got "memorialized" in Florida in this pastiche of the Ivy and Olive substations (but the streetlamps are better):
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