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Susana Machado Bernard Residence

Blimey ProphetM, you're good.

Speaking of big houses, I searched for this one on the thread and got nothing, so, just in case anyone's never seen it before, and/or ever wondered what John Parkinson was up to in 1902:
Susana Machado Bernard Residence, 845 S. Lake Street at James M Woods Blvd, MacArthur Park
Thirty-five rooms, including 10 bedrooms plus servants quarters. 10,032 sq ft plus carriage house. $50,000 when built.

ryerson and burnham archives/art institute of chicago

carriage house:

above photos: http://bigorangelandmarks.blogspot.c...-carriage.html

last two photos:

Susan Machado Bernard, a widow with eleven children, was a granddaughter of Jose Manuel Machado. He came to LA in 1781 and was one of the original founders of the city.
The Bernard family owned the home until 1962.

The home is now owned by The Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law which has operated it as a children's homeless shelter, Casa Libre/Freedom House, since 2002.

Fascinating how Parkinson went from this to Bullocks Wilshire, City Hall & Union Station

Info from links above

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