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detail of the photograph originally posted by Tovanger2

The Shakespeare Bridge was built in 1926 by J.C. Wright.
The ravine over which the bridge was built was once a perennial stream called Arroyo de la Sacatela.

below: Early views of the Shakespeare Bridge.

below: The Shakespeare Bridge today.

A view from below... (Sacatela Creek has long been covered over)

...a view from above. (the large building circled in red is John Marshall High School)

John Marshall high School in 1931.


A further look at Arroyo de la Sacatela (feeding into Bimini Slough).

We all recognize Bimini Slough because of the oft-posted Bimini Baths, located downstream from the Shakespeare Bridge
and the Arroyo de la Sacatela.

Past posts on the Bimini Baths (along with El Patio Gardens/Rainbow Gardens/Palomar Ballroom...same place different names)


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