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Originally Posted by kznyc2k View Post
You are correct in guessing the building has moved backwards. Check this slide-comparison aerial with 1980 on your left and 2003 and your right:

There's also footage from 1994 showing the changes happening by then, so it must've been some time in the 1980s or early '90s that the 1962 structure was demolished and lots were consolidated to make for the current Ralphs.

But looking at the earliest footage available, this 1948 shot shows what appears to be a decent-sized park on this block?

It was gone by 1952...anyone know what that was?

A little history of the northeast corner of 3rd and La Brea...

Historic Map Works

LAT Dec 30, 1923

LAT Nov 6, 1932
Similar ads appeared through 1939.

According to the Westdale Homeowners' Association,

"At Barrington and National was Paul J. Howard's Flowerland Nursery. It was a huge and beautiful nursery. Mr. Howard had moved his nursery from 3rd and La Brea to this location as he felt there was a great future here in the outskirts of Los Angeles.... 'Colonial Corners' was the name given to the intersection of National and Barrington when Howard's Nursery started in 1940.

Meanwhile, back at 3rd and La Brea... after Howard's nursey decamped, it sounds like there might have been some temporary uses during the war and postwar years such as a "public hiring hall" in 1949. And then...

LAT March 28, 1952

Which was taken over by Irv White, who owned Beverly Buick (see


Which, as we've seen, gave way to the bigger Ralphs...

All illustrations aside from first: Los Angeles Times
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