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It was none other than BARBARA GRAHAM, Noir Princess, who once lived at 1438 Wright Street... well, Rycroft, I know this isn't really about the coral-colored building you were asking about, but I wonder if its story can top 1438's?
I was intrigued and just had to revisit:

"Barbara Graham in courtroom. (Herald Examiner Collection/Los Angeles Public Library)

“The brashly attractive 32-year-old convicted murderess, her bleached blond hair turned to its natural brown … walked to her death as if dressed for a shopping trip” (Los Angeles Times, 1955, June 5, p. 1). Even the blindfold Graham requested was treated as a fashion accessory in some accounts: “Her face was an ivory cameo accented by the mask [blindfold] and her rouged crimson lips” (San Francisco Examiner, 1955, June 4, p. 1); “the mask hid her tired eyes and she looked pretty in her beige suit” (The San Francisco Chronicle, 1955, June 4, p. 1). Her hands trembled, and “her small pendant earrings quivered nervously” (The San Francisco Chronicle, 1955, June 4, p. 1), but she retained her composure.
Lots of detailed info on the case here:

..and here:

"Bloody Babs"

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