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Originally Posted by overthere View Post
So another question about the area I some times lump together and call 'HV' or Hollywood and Vine[/B]

Molly's [next to the Ricardo Montalban theater on Vine]

The 'Since 1939' on the awning always intrigued me. Course we know it's closed now. But does anyone have any older photos of this hamburger stand? I really feel sad seeing these greasy spoons closing up for fancy-pants eateries... soon all we will have are greasy memories and '$40.00 cheesburger and fries' spots
Aug, 1960 (The burger stand looked better, but the theater looked worse)

Richard Wojick collection on Vintage Los Angeles.

"Opened in 1929 as part of a Richfield gas station, the lunch counter was first known as Mom's Place. Its name was changed to the Curb Charbroiler in the 1950s and to Molly's Burgers in the 1960s." Last day was 30 June 2011. (quote fom LAT)

This one's pretty fuzzy:

Molly's fb page

In the 50's

Molly's fb page

Still looking for Amoeba.

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