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Originally Posted by unihikid View Post
The only building im waiting for is the present 99c store which is across the street from this building going south,when i was growing up it was Bargain Circus,a redish building.I hated going there but my grandmother and parents loved the place,it was very dark inside and for a 8 year old you could get lost very easily with all of the junk in there.It had a huge clown face on the outside and just freaked me out.mind you i like clowns but this place was just creapy.catty cornered was KCOP it was a grey complex.
I suspect a glimpse of the building to which you are referring is in this picture. I am not certain without doing a little research, but doubt the "Circus" was doing business in the '30s, 40s or even '50s. I vaguely recall part of the business was housed in a quonset hut.

Speaking of quonset huts, they appear to have been popular on La Brea. 107 N La Brea (Source indicates a date of '39, but I suspect the photo is recent and the source guessed that the huts date from '39.) Evidently, quonset huts are derived from a WW1 British design, but did not really take off in the US until WW2.
FLickr Rodger Young village (presently occupied by LA Zoo) >

Interestingly, up the street, Chaplin shot a film called the Circus in '26. The production "big tent" can be seen in this aerial. I am not suggesting that the creepy business derived its name from Chaplin's film, but stranger things have probably happened. (I read somewhere that the men's clothing store "Zachary All" got its name because its owner was a fan of the actor Zachary Scott.)

915 N La Brea - KCOP 1973


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