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Pictorial & Birdseye Maps of LA

Looking SE in 1940, from Ft Moore Hill, over the site of the original Pueblo (see below) with Union Station in the background.
The building on the lower left, which still stands on open ground, is now the Colima Restaurant at 400 W Chavez Blvd.

The location of the original Pueblo 1781-1815, before it was moved in circa 1815-1835. The original site remains unmarked.

This next one's huge, but one couldn't read it otherwise.

Howard Metcalf
Los Angeles 1871. Bunker Hill looks more riven with canyons in this view than it does in photos. The town curves around it with the cemetery in isolation on Bunker Hill overlooking Ft Moore Hill.
I wonder what they did with the bones when Bunker Hill was built over.

The Nickel is farmland.
Drawing based on the 1929 Women's University Club of LA map

Correction: The above map shows an incorrect location for the cemetery. It was actually on top of Fort Moore Hill, not on Bunker Hill.

There's also a nifty 1909 birdseye view that shows the Park Tract as built and the rest of town. I spend way too long with the zoom feature on these maps.
All my favorite noir locations look so wholesome, although I'm sure LA was just as corrupt back then as it ever would be in the future.

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