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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I just came across this snapshot on ebay. -so where is this?

Those are the 18' high Fremont Place gates on Wilshire's Park Mile, south of Hancock Park, designed by JM Haenke. They lost their attached, colonnaded arbors somewhere along the way.

There's actually four gates altogether, one each at the Wilshire Blvd entrances to Fremont Place and Fremont Place West, the two private drives that serve the 50-acre Fremont Place private "park", as residents call it. The other two are at the Olympic Blvd ends of the two drives, but those are kept locked and are quite overgrown. Each of the four gates was supposed to have cost $12,000 in 1911 (I guess that included the arbors) but they're only cast concrete, not the granite that was originally planned, so maybe they got 'em at a discount. The first house wasn't built until 1915.

Fremont Place homes sell in the 2.5-3.5 million dollar range, not much compared to Beverly Hills, Bel-Aire, etc. You can't see the homes, except from above, b/c they won't allow the Google Street-View Camera Car in there.

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