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Originally Posted by gsjansen View Post
a great image looking west on wilshire across the brown derby from the gaylord apartments.

the derby used to be located on the west side of alexandria, but was relocated to the east side in 1937. the construction that is occurring on the former site of the derby is for the chapman park hotel bungalows and the zephyr room restaurant. i'm dating this photograph 1938, (that's my story, an' i'm stickin' to it)

Source: LAPL
Lesser quality image of same general vicinity, different angle, and according to source, similar date (ca.'38). Far right, noticed the corner of a sign with the letter "A" visible. Any idea what it says and is it also visible in gsjansen's post above? (AMbassador? ARlington? AUburn? AMbulance?)


Opposing view.

Prominent in both photos is EL Cord's Auburn-Cord showroom/dealership housed in the Auburn-Fuller Bldg. at Mariposa and Wilshire - and his radio station KFAC KF "Auburn Cord." Yes, GW mentioned this here>
USC Digital

Mr. Cord had architect Paul Williams design a modest 32,000 sq. foot home located on the corner of Hillcrest and Doheny in Beverly Hills. It was dubbed "Cordhaven" and it may not have received any attention here.
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