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Originally Posted by rcarlton View Post
Mrs. Virginia Patty murder case

Los Angeles, Cal. June 4. William Tallman, ship radio operator, who is charged with the murder of Mrs. Virginia Patty here, was reported by radio tonight from the steamer Admiral Benson to have been arrested on board the ship.

Couldn't help but be remninded of another noirish William Talman... (one less "L"...).

I hadn't realized that he has more noir cred than just Perry Mason.

Rotten Tomatoes
In 1953's The Hitch-Hiker directed by Ida Lupino.

Who knew Episcopal churches had boxing teams? From the IMDB: "The scion of a wealthy Detroit family, William Talman would later claim that he learned to "champion the underdog" while a member of his Episcopal church boxing team."

Apparently the year before he appeared only in a photograph as Ida Lupino's dead husband in Beware, My Lovely.

But the best part is Talman's real-life noir episode:

Los Angeles Times March 15, 1960

A snippet from another Times article on the subject:

Talman is one of those people I could have gone through my whole life not having to think about as ever having been naked, but it does make for a good little noir story.

By the way, I've seen Hamilton Burger also spelled Berger. Seems "Burger" might be correct, though.... Did Erle Stanley Gardner really spell it that way? If so, was it meant to be sort of a [lame] joke?
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