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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
A few days ago, I mentioned that I had come across one of the sites on the 1920s tourist map while watching
a rather obscure Mack Sennett film. The site was the 'Palace de Glace'.

originally posted by bifrayrock


below: There are a few interior shots as well.

Earlier in the film a young housewife hangs a placard out her window to let the ice man know she needs more ice.

I was completely surprised by this.
It never occurred to me that a sign was used (notice the numbers representing how many pounds of ice she needs).
As luck would have it....steps!!*

*Are these the same steps that Laurel and Hardy used several years later? Could be!
Ice Doors, Ice Skating and Ice. Blimey!

Not sure about golf but how about an Igloo at 4302 Pico [Blvd.]?
August '27
USC digital

April 19, 1928. Cornucopia Ice Cream Stand, 1934 San Fernando Blvd


And how about the Cuckoo Clock on Beverly Blvd.?
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