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An intriguing matchbook.


I believe it says Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas
Phone GLadstone 5673

Trying to find more information, I found this at a Black Dahlia website (the link is below)

*The site also had the matchbook (I am wondering if this is where I originally found it)
I now have it on an old cd I had burned with other ebay items.

I also found this less exotic matchbook on flickr

Lo and behold, the old Susie-Q stills stands in all its art deco glory at Hollywood blvd. and Las Palmas.

google street view

above: The outdoor newspaper/book stand along the Las Palmas side of the Susie-Q building has been featured in numerous film noirs.
I can't name them offhand. I'll have to do some additional know...this IS 'noirish' Los Angeles.

below: A slightly different view.

google street view


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