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Oh THAT signage ! I was all over the 1963 grand opening of the Granada Hills Food Giant (and J.J.Newberrys-complete with now endangered cottontop marmosets in their Pet Dept)- Plenty of celebs on hand- such as original Cleo - the Basset Hound and Timmy from Lassie (John Provost )- who wore a crazy amount of makeup-Got my palm stroked ever-so-smoothly when I reached the end of a line to shake his hand! Dang-I could tell he also had custom made denims n tailored checkered shirt - Almost had me swooning-Best memory of Food Giant were the jumbo buttermilk donuts with the crunchy center knot !

This is a wonderful thread!

I definitely remember both Timmys (Rettig and Provost), although they would have been in reruns!


"Henry C. Soto used a big scissors to cut the ribbon at his "Disposal Gardens" dumpsite at its grand opening." (1965)

1959 Grand Opening for the Cullen Stores

1957 Lucille Stewart Stationery & Camera Shop, located at 8838 W. Pico Boulevard

Grand opening, "Boulevard Theater," 1619 W. Washington Blvd., 1925 (Destroyed in the 1980)

1937 Holly Food Mart, Grand Opening. Located at 5959 Hollywood Boulevard. (Became home to Peterson Publishing (Motor Trend, Hot Rod etc.) in the 1950s. A marquee was added when it became the "X Theater." Currently it is closed, but the building is still there.)

1923 (Lou) Bards Theater Grand Opening (Now Vista) 4473 Sunset Drive (covered here before, but maybe not the grand opening.)

How many Grand Openings is allowed? Undated Grand "Re-Re" Opening Merlo's Market at 7919 Beverly Blvd. "Repeated by public demand!"(?) Many will know this building as it is virtually next door to the Fairfax Theater (separated by an alleyway). This store remained as a market until 1980 when it became "Shoe Pavilion." Shoe Pavilion lasted for 28 years. In approximately 2010 it became a Goodwill. The corner of the building to the left of the Farifax theater in "relatively" recent image. google

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