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Originally Posted by rcarlton View Post
Exterior of the Wilshire Theatre, designed by S. Charles Lee and built between 1928-1930. This classic Art Deco structure, located at 8440 Wilshire, originally operated under the Fox theater chain and includes a 2,500 seat auditorium, a tower with residential and office space (no longer used), and commercial space on the ground floor.

Saban Theater
Google Earth

The only thing missing from MCarlson's excellent post is a beginning - and maybe another Collie. Here is what once started out as the Fox Wilshire Theater. (1928-30)

All from UCLA Digital

Note to "300": most skyscrapers were uncommon in LA until the '60s. This thread may cover all building, it's focus is on an aspect different than purely tall buildings. Hence, not much may be "readily" available, unless you are looking for "skyscrapers" of less than 32 Floors (the height of LA's current City Hall.)
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