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court house corner stone

Originally Posted by MichaelRyerson View Post
You finding that cornerstone is one of the coolest things I've ever heard. To think of the literally hundreds of people who have seen it and not known what they were looking at, the thousands of people who have passed within a few feet of it and not understood the link it represented and then to have you come along with the eyes to see it. It puts you in pretty select company. Wow, it doesn't get too much better than that. I'm happy for you.
While I can't prove it, I think that the current courthouse (Stanley Mosk Courthouse) has a piece of the "Red Sandstone Courthouse" of which we have frequently seen in this thread. it is located on the Hill Street side, to the left of the steps. The stone is definitely red sandstone and there must be a connection, especially since they moved the bronze clock hands and numbers from the first courthouse to the red sandstone and then to Stanley Mosk as a nod to history.
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