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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
While trying to find out more information on the Inglewood Mansion that I posted above,
I came across this fine home for A.C. Freeman in Los Angeles (no exact address given).

It wasn't on Westmoreland or Westchester as I mentioned earlier I thought it might be-- couldn't find it in any previous posts here, but did find this pic in my files with these notes: "The Archie Freeman house (Dennis & Farwell 1903), noted in West Adams book [I guess I mean the Images of America one, which I don't have with me to check] as being at 1305 S. Gramercy--thought at first it was gone but it turned up at 1409 S. Gramercy, next door to the Stratton house at 1415, which is HCM 855. A.C. Freeman is son of Daniel Freeman see his house in Inglewood (dem)" Note the baby palm and what might be the same one today.

Here it is today:

Google SV

Notice the similarity to Dennis & Farwell's Wilson house at #7 Chester Place, also still standing:


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