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I thought we had found all the good photos of the giant 57, so my jaw dropped when I came across
this photograph on ebay last week.

below: high resolution details highlighting the billboards.

below: We now know what brand of paint was used.

below: Here is an earlier post on the subject.

Originally Posted by fhammon View Post
Here's a little tidbit of historical info that not many will find particularly interesting. I'm gonna post it anyhow because I live at the Village Green in Baldwin Hills so of course I find it extremely interesting.
Now ya'll get to know about it too.

Back when the last remnants of Rancho la Cienega o' Passo de la Tierra (Baldwin Ranch) was being sold off by Lucky Baldwin's daughter Ms. Stoker, there was a large number "57" made out of concrete stuck into the hillside above La Cienega Blvd. It was an advertisement for "Heinz 57 Varieties" and could be seen for miles around.

Look mid-right in this photo just where La Cienega jogs over into the pass where the oil derricks are:

Here's a ground-level view from Steve Keylon's Baldwin Hills / Village Green site: Look just to the left of the sign for the #57.
Steve's caption reads:
"A photograph taken in 1924, looking south towards the Baldwin Hills. The Heinz 57 concrete numbers are
visible on the side of the Baldwin Hills.

Here's a still I captured from a Little Rascals episode. Spanky is running across an empty lot. You can make out the #57 on the hillside upper left.

Now! Isn't this interesting?
Sure it is.....
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