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Friday Mystery Photo

This lovely overhead shot of...what? Is completely and utterly mislabeled in the USC digital archive. Their caption information is as follows...

"Aerial view, Downtown Los Angeles, Civic Center, City Hall, Los Angeles County Court House, Criminal Courts Building, Spring Street, First Street, Broadway, US-101, 1959"

aerial mystery photo,

A few clues present themselves, the streetlights, Wilshire Specials? Surely not Westwood Specials. No, I guess Wilshire Specials. The parked automobiles, two of which seems blocky and likely early/mid-thirties but the little coupe at the top seems more streamlined, maybe '38ish? The car and pick-up truck(?) behind the cake shop early thirties, too. The cake store sign eludes me, two words, someone's name? An unfenced pond near a public sidewalk? A house in the trees near the pond? A golf course maybe? Two pedestrians? Mother and child? Surely another picture of that cake store exists.
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