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Market Street

Originally Posted by malumot View Post
Market Street?....hmmmmmmm....I dunno any Market Street in LA.....)

Market Street in Los Angeles has been mentioned numerous times in this thread, most notably with reference to the Paris Inn, the United States Hotel, and the Amestoy Building.


Market began at the old diagonal alignment of Spring Street, one block south of Temple Square. The photo below shows the NE corner of Spring and Market. Here, Spring is to the left, Market is the short street to the right.

U.S.C. Digital Library

On the north side of Market was the south portion of the Temple Block; on the south side was the original market building erected in 1859 by John Temple, which later became Los Angeles County's first Court House. Here is a view of Market Street looking west from the cupola of the United States Hotel in 1889, soon after the construction of the new Court House on Pound Cake Hill (background). The old market and Court House can be seen at left.

U.S.C. Digital Library

That short western section of Market ended at Main Street, then it continued easterly from a point 1/2 block further to the north on Main. This shows Market looking east from Main. On the left is the Amestoy Building; on the right, the U.S. Hotel.

U.S.C. Digital Library

An overhead view of the east section of Market Street. On some maps, Market is shown as extending eastward to Alameda Street, but the section of the road continuing from Los Angeles St. eastward was also sometimes known as Requeña Street.

U.S.C. Digital Library

Here is a roughly contemporaneous view from earlier in this thread that shows Market Street looking west from Los Angeles Street. In the background, the Temple Block has been replaced by City Hall. user SilentLocations.


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