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Originally Posted by ProphetM View Post
This showed up in the funny pictures thread yesterday over at my usual stomping ground, the forums at Ars Technica:

Link to post, but no further info on source.

GW discussed Ostriches here:

"Pacific Electric Railway Company's South Pasadena line which ran between 6th Street and Main Street in Downtown Los Angeles and Mission Street and Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena."

"First electric car over Arroyo Seco near the Cawston ostrich farm on March 7, 1895."

More on the subject here:

1896 -1934



Cawston was clearly a big supplier to the fashion industry. Given the plethora of Monkey Farms in the Los Angeles area, which may be disturbing in itself, wonder if any supplied the Monkey Fur industry?

Gloria Swanson

"The type of monkey fur used by Schiaparelli and the maker of our bolero comes from the colobus monkey. Native to Africa, the colobus is an arboreal monkey, meaning it spends most of its life in the tree canopy and rarely descends to solid ground."

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