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Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post
With respect to whether the signage is actually an ad for MGM's Grand Hotel, that was my first thought too, but after squinting a while, I did not see it as a movie ad, which is not to say I am correct. Second, I am no expert, but the crowd's costumes look somewhat older, say from the Twenties or earlier. Third, if this was 1932 - or even 1933, it is doubtful that a Bar would be operating as such when Prohibition was still in effect. Doubtful - but not impossible. Fourth, elsewhere it was posited that the image "appears to be a candid photo of Charlie Chaplin shooting a deleted sequence for his film 'SHOULDER ARMS' - showing Charlie as a family man." I have absolutely no idea if this is accurate, but to the extent that it may be, "Shoulder Arms" was photographed in 1918. Again, I have no idea if this is accurate, but the supposition seems to fall in line with the earlier date.

"The Korin" and a Los Angeles address certainly suggests a Los Angeles location, but it is no guarantee. While I do think the location was in Los Angeles, there are many other locations with Grand Hotels, and plenty of onlookers. LosAngeles Past saw the sidewalk as being on a grade and possibly on North Grand. Maybe worth exploring further?

Good sport though. I look forward to someone solving the mystery.


From the 1918 Movie "Shoulder Arms." Same three youngsters as found in the other photo? Does the marble fascia look familiar?
There did used to be an old marble-fasciaed office building on the NE corner of Grand and Fifth. I don't recall its name, but I paid a business call there in the 1970s, and I never forgot the splendid white marble interior in the lobby.

Anyway, I just emailed Beaudry to request his help. I also believe our past contributor SilentMovieLocations (I think that was his username) might know. He seemed to be particularly knowledgeable about Chaplin film locations.

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