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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Notice the Darlington Hotel....another smallish hotel I've never heard of before. ___
How about the Hotel SNOW? According to the accompanying notes, "Build in 1910, it has the name 'FINKLE' carved on the top front of the building." No address given. Date given is "191-" (1909 Directory lists a Fredrick C Finkle as a consulting engineer Hellman Bldg., 411 S. Main. (1915 Directory lists SNOW Hotel at 804 W. 6th Street)

And then there is this undated photo of the same Hotel SNOW with a given address of Flower and Sixth Streets (near the equally obscure "SEMINOLE Apartment Hotel." (1923 Directory lists SEMINOLE at 620 S. Flower - name may have been co opted since 1942 Directory only lists Seminole Hotel at 5119 Avalon Blvd., which appears to have been a Wilmington Address)"][/URL]

Curiously, there is another building bearing the FINKLE name. In or around 1920, it was located at 316 South Spring Street. (Have no idea if this name is directly associated with the HOTEL SNOW.) Coincidentally, the 1942 directory lists a "FINKLE ARMS" at 912 S. Figueroa.
all photos from lapl
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