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Originally Posted by fhammon View Post
I've got a book right here about Rancho la Cienega o Passo de La Tijera.
Lucky Baldwin owned it for awhile and never developed it while the rest of L.A. sprawled around it. After his death his daughter, Clara Stocker, sold it off in parcels.
A 1930 air photo in the book shows four different airfields that sprang up taking advantage of the newly open space close to downtown. They were strung along Crenshaw Blvd just south of Exposition all within a stone's throw of each other:
Lincoln Airport, Sperl Airport, Rogers Airport and American Airport. A brief history is given of each.
I wish I could post the photo. Credit is given to Spence Air Photos
Thank you fhammon for posting the names of those other "airfields" or "airports." Some of them may have been on Mesa Drive which later became Crenshaw Blvd. A fairly exhaustive list of California Civilian Airports is here: and it provides the following info.

American Los Angeles [-?-] (19??-19??) 1931 = (C) 6 mi SW of town; elev: 112. 3500'x3100' all-way sod field with three oiled rwys: two W 1000' and one N 3000'. Is American Aircraft or vice-versa?

American Aircraft Los Angeles [-?-] (c.1928-19??) 19?? = (C) 3809 Angeles Mesa Dr. @ American Aircraft Corp; American Air School. Between Sperl and Rogers.

Lincoln Airlines Los Angeles [-?-] (pre-1931-19??) = Angeles Mesa Dr. Between PAT and Sperl.

Sperl Airdrome Los Angeles [-?-] (1928-19??) = (C) Angeles Mesa Dr (now Crenshaw Blvd). Featured distinctive "Baghdad look" hangars. @ Harry Sperl Aero Corp, distributor for Lockheed airplanes. Between Lincoln and American.
There is mention of a Field on Pico and Robertson that I had never heard of.

To the right and below the Monkey: "Pacific, Lincoln, American and Rogers" Airports


The original name of Mesa Dr., before it was changed to Crenshaw Blvd., may explain the name for the Mesa Theater that was located near Slausen at 5807 Crenshaw Boulevard. Built in '26 and destroyed in mid '60s.


Viola Dana was recently mentioned in a recent post about Roger's Field and the Skywayman. Here is a 1926 advertisement for her film playing at the Mesa:

date unknown

1926 =

1927 =

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