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"On April 3, 1919 Venice inaugurated the first aerial police force in the United States by swearing in aviator Otto Meyerhoffer into the police force. The words "Venice Aero Police" were inscribed in big bold letters on the side of his 100 MPH bi-plane. The police station would call him at the airport when they needed his assistance in tracking fleeing automobile bandits into the mountains, or finding boats in distress.

The airport was renamed Delay Field in 1920, then closed in 1923. The airport's single runway was short and there was no room for expansion since it was completely surrounded by residential neighborhoods. Besides Santa Monica's larger Clover Field and Los Angeles' Mines Field (current LAX airport) met the area's needs. The land where the airport stood was subdivided later that year." Venice's Airport - Ince Field
Photos marked as "1919"

Deputy Meyerhoffer is in the middle:

Meyerhoffer, Clark and Hester with speed record plane, 1919 Presumably taken at Venice/Ince Field

All from:

Remember to stay within the posted speed limit unless you are in an unlimited jurisdiction and can outfly Otto.

Plane flying above Beverly Hills Speedway, 1918

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