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Nearly 50 years after the first picture above was taken in 1925 (the second is from 1932), the woman in it was brutally murdered in her Hancock Park
apartment. The obit is from August 29, 1972 (her address is revealed in it; she was actually 79). I discovered this noirish occurrence while researching
my latest post on ST. JAMES PARK (full story on #12 HERE.) As far as I have been able to determine so far, the case remains unsolved.... I'm calling on
our sleuths here to solve it, or at least to find more info. One thing I found was the Times article below from February 24, 1974, which I've abbreviated:

The murder scene was on the second floor of the south side--to the left side of the top shot below--of 531 N. Rossmore--

Top 6 pics from the Los Angeles Times; others GoogleSV

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