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Originally Posted by Oviatt Building Fan View Post
I’m crossing my fingers that the “Noirish” community can help me to identify the PLACE where this photo (see below) was taken.

The photo below was taken in January 1933 for an unnamed newspaper or magazine. In the foreground, it shows Albert (“Al”) Kaufman, Paramount Pictures’ production head; actor Maurice Chevalier; and James Oviatt. I’ve tried and failed to identify the building where they are. A studio commissary? The interior does not match those of any ‘30s commissaries I’ve seen. A restaurant / nightclub in Hollywood? I think so, but again … no dice finding corresponding photos. Do the Deco murals on the wall ring a bell for anyone?

(Corbis Images)

This past week I've been preparing a post on a 'colorful' (as in lavender) character in Hollywood by the name of Jean Malin.
In his early career Mr. Malin was an actor specializing in female impersonations, but after moving to Hollywood (from New York)
he became a celebrated emcee and master of ceremonies at various night clubs in Hollywood.

After viewing OBF's mystery photo something about the mural caught my eye. It finally dawned on me that it resembled the mural behind Pat DiCicco, Jean Malin, Thelma Todd (the cute bubbly blonde...later murdered) and Lois Wilson circa 1932

But the location of the photograph was the Club New Yorker, so at first I thought wrong city.

As it turns out, the Club New Yorker was Jean Malin's short lived night club located in the basement of the Hotel Christie in the heart of Hollywood.

below: Entrance to Jean Malin's Club New Yorker.

I wonder if the art deco (terrazzo?) sidewalk design is still there?

I still had some doubt that this was the same location as OBF's 'mystery' photo until this smaller photograph from January of 1933.

Mystery solved! and it was quite fun


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