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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
Is that Mildred Pierce waiting for a bus? Of course decades later, that drive-in diner-looking place would be the site of Tower Records. Ah, Tower Records, how I miss that place.

1940, Sunset and Holloway, West Hollywood.

Going back through old posts here...

This one amazes me. I never would have guessed that was where Tower Records once was. I drove across town to go there about a million times when I was in my 20s, and of course, by that time, the area had changed from this to being built up beyond recognition.

Another thing that amazed me was to put two-and-two together and discover something family-related in this picture. That white building across the street with the columns and the clock on the front was the Utter-McKinley Mortuary at 8814 Sunset Boulevard, where my mother worked in the post-WWII years. Actually, Mom worked from time to time at every UMM location on the west side, as she was Maytor McKinley's personal secretary, and it was her job to make sure all the local offices were running in ship-shape. Eventually, she ended up based at UMM's executive offices at 444 South Vermont, which is where she met my father - a casket company owner - in 1950.

So anyway, all the time I was going to Tower, I never knew my mom once worked just across the street from there! Learn something new every day.

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