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Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post
More on the Brookside neighborhood and Bimini Slough.

Ambassador Hotel, facing east x southeast. "7th and Vermont area -1924" Notice Slough-marshland-creek to the west of the Hotel. (bottom of picture)

Undated photo. Looking north at path of "Sacatele Creek" aka Bimini Slough.
"It passes next to Bimini Hot Springs in upper right and continues to the lower left near the Ambassador Hotel, foreground."
For more on Los Angeles Creeks, see also:

Thanks for posting these photos and info on the Bimini Slough. I've been interested in it ever since I saw this photo but didn't even know it had a name. I always wondered what happened to that little canyon that required a bridge to cross. It got filled in. I hate when they do that...

Undated Aerial Photo, facing northeast, probably from the 1910's. The Bimini Baths are in the center. Across the street, in the lower left corner is the Rayfield building. Sacatela Creek is on the right. Streetcar tracks cross the creek on a wooden bridge. First Street runs along the top edge, Second Street along the bottom and Bimini Place is along the left. Photo from the Los Angeles Public Library.
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