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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
At this point in the thread I am surprised to find a theater that I've never heard of before.

below: Surprisingly, this snapshot shows the Studio Theater as the Music Hall. (?)

below: Eventually the Studio Theater became the Loew's Holly Theater (complete with this tasteless facade).

I think one of the reasons this theater is mostly an ignored or forgotten footnote is because it never distinguished itself as anything but. The connection with Howard Hughes and the neon lights are interesting, but the venue was comparatively tiny next to the larger movie palaces. Per your linked source, it started out as a coin-operated novelty, and evidently sat directionless from there. A series of seven unmemorable name changes and included (1) Studio Theater (2) Colony (3) Music Hall (5) Academy (6) Lowe's Holly and (7) Holly.


With your indulgence, I am going out on a limb with two large images, that have a limited nexus to this topic, but may also be of use with other discussions. In this 1956 realty map, the theater is listed as the "Academy Theater" and is somewhat lost next to its neighboring retailers. Parenthetically, I was looking at these images to see an overhead shot of the Muller Bros establishment (now occupied by the Cinerama Dome).
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