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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
The Best Years of Our Lives: Dana Andrews and Teresa Wright in downtown "Boone City"--hard to tell which L.A. gasometer this might have been. I didn't realize that there so many over the years. Not knowing much about municipal gas supplies, I have a question: Where is all the gas stored now? Or is it that pipelines have taken over the local manufacturing of gas?

MikeD: I used to love hearing references to the Elmhurst tanks in the traffic reports on 1010WINS etc--I think they were taken down in the early '90s.

Beaudry: Great history of L.A. gasometers--


I remember the tank down the street from the Goldwyn Studios on Formosa and naturally assumed the above parking lot sequence was shot there due to convenience. Of course, various locations were used from the Arboretum to Ontario airport, so while improbable, a lot is possible. From memory, after the arrival in Boone City, there is a passing shot of a drive in restaurant advertising Tacos. Has that location been identified in this thread?

Aliso Street Viaduct

Aliso Street

One of the shots is definitely NOT part of the Best Years. Hint, although the aircraft grave yard scenes may have been shot at or near the Ontario Airport, the Pomona Police were probably not in front of the camera.

Another interesting set of gas tanks?
Northbound, San Pedro Line at West Basin 9, 17, 1955.

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