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Some time ago I was exploring the existence of a gas station that would have been on the Northwest corner of the Miracle Mile May Co. I was not specifically looking for a May Co gas station, I remember a "Powerline" and as was pointed out, the last station was probably Union/76 could this be a glimpse of such a station, bearing the May Co standard?

Notice the "Golf" sign, where I believe Park La Brea currently sits. Was there a makeshift golf course there too? Eastside Brewery , Ale and Beer!

Simons Drive In at Wilshire and Fairfax, '39 (IF the date is accurate, that might mean the supposed gas station was built "somewhat" contemporaneously with the May co. mother structure.)

Johnies, replaces Simons. Circa '78. Vaguely recall the IHOP to Johnies (blue roof).

Johnies, looking s x sw, date unk., probably late '70s

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