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Of course the first thing I wanted to know is if the Pacific Fidelity Building is still standing.

below: The Pacific Fidelity Bldg can be seen down the block on the right (that's Bullock's Wilshire on the left).
To my surprise Westmoreland Avenue has been blocked off at this point.

google street view

below: This view is looking north from 7th Street showing the blocked off Westmoreland. That's the Pacific Fidelity Building at the center
and Bullock's Wilshire on the right.

google street view

It turns out the Pacific Fidelity Building is part of Southwestern Law School. It's now known as the Westmoreland Building.

below: The closed off portion of Westmoreland Avenue forms a mini 'quad' connecting the Westmoreland Building to the Bullock's Wilshire building
(now the main building & library of Southwestern Law School)


Next I wondered about the two towers that can be seen in the distance in the old construction photo.

The taller of the two is The First Baptist Church at 760 S. Westmoreland Avenue.

google street view

below: The shorter tower belongs to the first Unitarian Church at 2936 W. 8th Street.

google street view

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