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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post

Excellent idea, Moxie--that is one popular facebook page, btw. I posted an inquiry. I found one reference to the plant being at "6001 Sherman Way," another in a 1922 city directory to it being at "1 Sherman Way." These seem to be parts of an old numbering system. Let's hope that San Fernanado Valley Relics solves the mystery. Meantime, another view of the building turned up--this time in Robert Morton guise. Still no precise address, but this time the LAPL puts it in Van Nuys, as most sources have it.

Sherman Way opened for traffic in 1912 and indeed it originally included what is now Chandler Blvd, and that portion of Van Nuys Blvd which stretches from Chandler on the south to present day Sherman Way. If the Johnston Company built their manufacturing plant in 1913, it is likely this is the street configuration that was in use. If the numbering system is consistent with today's system (an admittedly big 'if') that would put the building at 6001 Sherman Way (Van Nuys Blvd) which is the northwest corner of present day Van Nuys Blvd and Oxnard Street.
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