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Thanks for the welcome, Vicuna it is!

Anyone here know of the Suicide Hotel in Central Hollywood?

Until 1987 at 1735 N Wilcox stood the Shelton Apartments

Google Street View

It was in this original building that 2 faded stars took their own lives

First up it was Jenny Dolly of 'The Dolly Sisters'

She and her sister were two of the most beautiful women in the world, Jenny was said to be the only woman to break the bank at Monte Carlo!!

However in 1933 Jenny was disfigured in a car accident and sank into depression, she finally hung herself at The Shelton in 1941

21 Years later and the Shelton was the scene of another celebrity suicide, Clara Blandick, better known to most as Auntie Em from The Wizard of Oz

Clara dressed herself in an elegant gown, primped her hair, checked her make up, lay down, drew a blanket over herself and slipped a plastic bag over her head

Sad end two these 2 ladies lives and now the Shelton is long gone too

Heres a not very good shot of The Shelton

The Lido Apts are visible in this and the modern shot
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