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Originally Posted by HunterK View Post
Hey guys. Outstanding thread.. Words can't explain the amount of knowledge or joy I have gotten from it. I have been lurking for probably 3 months now going through every single page reading every single post. I am still on page 276 but working my way up to the present day.

I like to take pictures of downtown LA. I am actually only interested in the downtown LA posts within this thread (sorry..). Here are a few of my recent pics. I post a pretty good stream of them on my instagram (hunterkerhart).

Building next door is now Mas Malo, a great mexican restaurant. Anyone know what it was 90 years ago..?

Great collection of downtown shots, HunterK--welcome to the thread. Keep 'em coming. As for Mas Malo at 515 W. 7th, the building was put up by Brock & Co. jewelers just about 90 years ago. The store lasted into the '60s, after which--some sources say 1975--it became Clifton's Silver Spoon, "A Jewel of a Cafeteria." It seems obvious that Clifton's branding of its new space came from its heritage as a jewelry store....

Somewhere there must be a "full-frontal" of Brocks from the '20s, but I couldn't find one readily at hand. There is, however, this undated shot of Brock's marquee... and one of the company's ads featuring an item that seems not to have become one of "society's most popular jewelry selections" after all (I wonder if any are listed on ebay?).... Notice that Clifton's took over Brock's painted sign as well (not sure exactly where this one was [is?]).

P.S. What's the green sign with the 8-point buck on it behind the marquee? It's still there in Google Street Views....

Pics clockwise: army.arch;; LAPL; Period Paper

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